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The technical use of light (photonics) enables an infinite number of applications in the industrial and private sectors.

The trade journal laser provides information through basic and practical reports, interviews and features, and gives readers a comprehensive overview of the possibilities and areas of application of laser technology. The spectrum of topics ranges from material processing to measurement technology and medical technology to sensor technology and optoelectronics.


The special edition “European laser market” offers a comprehensive overview of new products, systems and trends in the laser industry.


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The international laser readership includes interested parties from all areas of mechanical engineering, the electrical industry, medical device technology, precision mechanics, communication technology and optics. Furthermore, the scientific institutes belong to the circle of readers.




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New: Regio-Spezial – A federal state introduces itself

The Regio-Spezial provides an overview of suppliers and manufacturers of laser technology, laser components and their application in machines and systems.

It takes an editorial look at the economic situation of the market in the region. The companies involved have their statements in the trend article. In addition, the companies in the region are presented in detailed profiles with product and service portfolios.


The Regio-Spezial is completed by digital company maps. The combination of map, image and text and optionally also video makes it easy to guide the viewer virtually from one company location to the next.


Beispielansicht der Company-Map im laser-Technologieforum